Hapara Information for STUDENTS

Hapara Teacher Dashboard
Share documents and resources to students, email students, view student work, and more.

Hapara Interact
Keep students on task by viewing their browing activity during class.  Focus student browsing by opening/closing tabs for students or even locking screens to a specific URL for a specified period of time.

Hapara Workspace
Similar in function to Google classroom.  Gives students an interface to manage their classwork. Track progress and submissions, offer feedback.

Find it: teacherdashboard.com
(As long as you are signed in to Google,
typically no login is required.)

Find it: Click Highlights tab while in Teacher Dashboard.

Find it: Click Workspace tab while in Teacher Dashboard


Specific student panel completely missing from your class dashboard?
    Contact Kate Isabelli.

Student panel visible but documents not appearing properly?
     Click on Class Info tab and click Fix Class Folders link.

     (If issue not resolved after 30 minutes, contact Kate Isabelli.)

How can I email all my students at once?
How can I Share ("push") documents to my students?
Hapara's FAQ's for Teachers page


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If using the Focused Browsing option to limit students to using a single URL, please make sure that the time you set does NOT extend beyond the current period.  (Otherwise this limit will still be in place when the student gets to their next class!)


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