Hapara Info for Students

Hapara Teacher Dashboard makes it easy for teachers to manage document sharing (via Google Apps) and email communications with students in their classes.  

Hapara Interact enables teachers to interact with students as they are using Chromebooks in the classroom, letting them share web links quickly with students and to view what tabs students have open during class.

Students do not actually "see" or "use" Hapara directly.  (UNLESS their teacher is using Hapara Workspace.)  They will only notice that some folders that they did not create themselves have been added to "My Drive" in their Google Drive.
  • Folders created by Hapara show "School Docs Owner" as the owner of the folder.
  • These folders are shared between the student and the student's teacher(s) for that class.
  • Documents placed in these folders are therefore automatically shared with the teacher.  NO additional sharing steps are necessary!
  • Teachers can "push" documents out to students and they will appear automatically in the student's class folder.
  • Students MAY move the folders if they wish to organize them in some way.
  • Students MAY create sub-folders within these folders.  
  • Students SHOULD NOT delete these folders.
  • Folders have names that uniquely identify the class they represent.  

    For example an LHS student enrolled in a specific section of Algebra II 2nd period in the fall semester of the 2016-17 school year would have a folder named something like: s1 
    Algebra II p2 (L30322)-1617


At the end of the school year:
At the end of the school year (AFTER Summer School), folders created by Hapara will be archived, but NOT deleted.
The archiving process will rename these folders in such a way that it is clear that they are archived and not for current courses. These folders WILL retain their content, enabling students to develop a "portfolio" of documents created during their high school career.
The archived folders will continue to be shared with the original teacher.